Yugaku Residence

Yugaku Residence is a facility which belongs to the  NPO" A Piece of Cosmos."  This more than 60-year-old traditional Japanese style house was renovated by a subsidy from the  Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.
Opened in February in 2010, this traditional wooden house serves as the base for a diverse range of activities and projects managed by A Piece of Cosmos.

First,  the most significant role is to encourage people to settle in this area or to encourage people to keep a second home in this rural area. we provide information on vacant houses for rent and advise people to register for Kihoku town's Akiya (Vacant House) Bank.

Second, Yugaku Residence provides you with information on a wide variety of activities such as farming, marine activities, local cuisine.
Above all, Kihoku town is a part of the World Heritage, "KumanoKodo", which means Kumano old road.Hiking in the pilgrimage trails will allow you to soak in a spiritual ancient world.

Third, Yugaku residence has an "Artist in Residence" program.
If you are interested in this program, Click AIR_J.
Also Yugakutei is introduced at the website of Asian Cultural Council(ACC) provides opportunities for Asian and
American artists and scholars to stay in Japan for cultural exchange. If you are interested in the Yugaku residence and seek financial support, please check ACC's website for further information.

For those who want to use Yugaku Residence for special events, such as an exhibiton, a music concert, or a cooking class, various facilities are available ,but charged individually.