The 7th artists Steven Ward Ximena Elgueda (
From December 19th, 2010 through January 10th, 2011

The Yugakutei Well Project by Steven Ward and Ximena Elgueda

How Camino Was Born

CAMINO(道) is a 2,5 ton earth and cement mixed sculpture surrounding Kiinagashima's Yugakutei well. This sculpture was made by Steven Ward (USA) and Ximena Elgueda (Chile), who currently live in Tokoname, Aichi Prefecture, Japan.They were invited to be artists in residence with a national grant from December19th, 2010 through January 10 th,2011. During this time,Ximena and Steven constructed "The Yugakutei Well Project", designed to rehabilitate the 75 year old  well at Yugakutei that was covered and could not be appreciated


CAMINO Dimensions;
Length :200cm
Width :145cm
Depth :135cm
Depth of well:400cm



Below are the schedules of this project:

2010 December 20th ~ 27th Preparing the ground and the designing the model for he piece.  Finishing and adjusting the model for the frame.
  28th Workshop
  29th~31th   Mixing and making the piece
2011 January 1st~6th Sculpting the final form
  7th Opening ceremony   
  8th~9th Steven and Ximena's Collaboration Work Exhibiton

Artists Ximena and Steven were very impressed by the environment of Kumanokodo, which is a part of UNESCO'S World Heritage sites of Kumanokodo. Here they collected stones, roots, and inspiration to incorporate into the well.
The members of the group "Kiinagashima kurasankai" (which literally means, "Why don't you live in Kiinagashima?") volunteered their time and tools for making the work.

12/21 Prior to the current well, metal bars covered the hole in the ground for safety             12/23 A plumber is setting up a pump
12/23 12/23 A round inner-frame is set
12/25 12/30 Ximena is collecting materials nearby to be used as decorations in the sculpture

The Yugakutei staff offered valuable assistance up to end of the year to ensure the well would be completed

12/30 The cement is poured between the inner circular frame and the outer square flame 12/30

Workshop 2011/1/7

13 people participated in the Workshop, including  the members of"the Kiinagashima Kurasankai"  group and the Yugakutei staff. First of all, they introduced themselves to each other


The well has been a sacred existence since old days. The participants wrote their wishes on a slip of paper and put it into the mixed materials, which are made of earth and cement

During lunch time on the wood-deck , Mr. Fuse sang his specialties in Spanish and Russian. The audience applauded

Opening Celemoney 2011/1/7


It's time to unveil CAMINO
When CAMINO was shownn, 30 participants applauded.

World famous sculptor Mr. Sheiji Kunishima gave a speech  

Steve and Ximena's Collaboration Work Exibition 2011/ 1/ 8~ AT the open space on the first floor    

11 Scupltures 15 paintings

Before Ximena and Steven got involved in the artist in residence program at Yugakutei, they visited the site. These works have been influenced by their images of Kiinagashima.




By Steven and Ximena

About 80 people came to Yugakutei during the exhibition. The artists gave a brief explanations about their work, allowing visitors' imagination to soak in the art.
The artists believe that "Art is in the eye of the beholder."

Ximena, Steven and their two charming children Sora and Alba left Kiinagashima on 10th of January.
However CAMINO, their sculpture, surrounds the well with their strong message of commitment to Human Nature

The 6th  artists     STUDIO greytan 36
From October 6th through October 12th, 2010

This performance family group ,with an 11 month-year old son Shinata,stayed at the residence.
They are planning to move to a rural area and Kiinagshima is one of their options.  They will move to Kiinagashima in January 2011.

greytan1 greytan2 greytan3
The family was relaxing on the wooddeck at Yugaku residence. At a fishing market   Performing at a sports festival at Furakoko and Kohitsuji nursery

The 5th  artist  Oku Mayumi
From September 11th through October 3rd, 2010

This young artist stayed at the residence for 3 weeks and she was inspired by the Kumano area.  She walked through the Kumano Kodo ( Kumano old trail ),visited some historical sites and communicated  with local people passionately.

oku1 oku2 oku3
Making her drwaining for the exhibiton at open space at Yugaku -tei 

A visitor gets inside her work to enjoy it from every direction.

This mobile is made of wood savings and decorated with flowers.A vistor takes one stone from the pile, flowers dry and fall and the mobile slowly fades away.


The 4th  artists  Ishiki Tokihiko and Motomachi Natsuo
August 28th and 29th 

This is the second time at the residency program for these married cartoonists.
They held a class for elementary and junior high school students in this
area.  The students learned comic strip techniques.


Participants had fun at a Barbecue
with Mr.Ishiki and Ms. Motomachi.Sweet fish tasted really good.

They are looking at each other's work on the PC.                                   

The 3rd  artist   Kianga Ford
From May24th through June 7th

Kianga Ford is an American installation artist. She won a grant from Asian
Cultural Council n Japan.   Her stay at Yugaku-tei was part of her grant.
She experienced a wide range of acitivities in order to inspire her later works.

kianga1 kianga2

Kianga talked about her installation art to local residents on May 31rd. 2010

Welcome and Farewell Party for her on June 6th


The  2nd artists  Ishiki Tokiho and Motomachi Natsuo
From   March 23rd through March 28th

Mr. Ishi and Ms. Motomachi stayed at Yugaku-tei for a week.

They provided  two-day comic strip technique courses to the Owase Junior High
School's art club students.

Mr. Ishi talked to local audience members about his life as a cartoonist and much about details related to comics.   The participants are trying to complete their original comics

The First  artist   Amanda Belantara
From January 5th through   January 28th 2010

This American artist, who now lives, in England ,stayed at this residence as the 
artist that participated in this residency program.

a b

Filming and soundscaping Kiinagashima festival on Jan.16th. 2010

Showing her works at a community center on 28th, 2010