NPO  "A Piece of Cosmos"

A Piece of Cosmos  started its activity in 1995 as a volunteer group.
There were two main reasons why this group began.

First, they wanted a project to mitigate decreasing visitors due to Eastern Kishu expressway.
Second they wanted to plant hydrangeas along R42 and R311.

In 2006 this volunteer group became a corporated body.

In 2007  A Piece of Cosmos purchased an old house near JR Kiinagashima station.
This house was renovated and was named "Yugaku Residence."

"A Piece of Cosmos" is a non-profit organization committed to cultivating awareness and appreciation of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, "The Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes" in the Kii Mountain Range. A Piece of Cosmos aspires to collaborate with locals in the area and groups associated with the Kumano Kodo in order to preserve and advocate the naturalbeauty and cultural-historical richness of the area.

We aim to support the creation of youth development and lifelong learning programs that foster positive relationships between local and global communities so that the site remains a special place for many generations to come.